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WWP  also introduced me to The Mission Continues which is also a joint veteran and civilian endeavor that seeks to change the conversation about my generation of veterans by providing fellowships to veterans  with other non-profits so that veterans can continue to serve.  
We have service platoons nationwide so veterans and civilians can come together to make a positive change in our communities.    
Can WWP do a better job at servicing veterans?  

Besides all of the fabulous fun depicted in the pictures. I worked really hard at lobbying for more programs, and I was given a safe space to voice my concerns, and what, what, what??? I got to super-size my criticize!  


Is the “dub dub p” perfect?  No. Any charitable organization of this size and scope is: complicated, and messy, and great, and bad, and inefficient, and has growing pains,  an can be exclusionary, and is awesome, and rocks it! The summit was perfect! and needed and empowering and… and … I digress, by now  you’ve read “THE FACTS” from both sides. CBS and the NYT has its “facts.” WWP has its “facts.” And the whole interweb is aflutter with individual personal opinions which are either: a healthy gulp of Haterade,  or a heaping plateful of praise for WWP.
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Страницы: Пред. 1 ... 64946 64947 64948 64949 64950 ... 90196 След.
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